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Immerse yourself in a personalized massage crafted to your preferences, guaranteeing targeted attention to your chosen areas at the perfect pressure. Our skilled therapists expertly combine Swedish/Circulatory massage and Deep Tissue techniques, enhancing your session with gentle aromatherapy using Young Living essential oils. Please inform your therapist of any scent sensitivities before your massage for a tailored and enjoyable experience.



Experience the ancient therapeutic art of fire cupping at our massage studio. This traditional technique involves placing heated glass cups on specific areas of the body, creating a gentle suction that promotes relaxation and enhances circulation. Let the soothing warmth and targeted suction release tension, improve blood flow, and rejuvenate your body. Discover the time-honored benefits of fire cupping as part of our holistic approach to wellness.



Elevate your massage experience with the therapeutic advantages of topical CBD! Embrace the healing touch of Cause+Medic, a conscientiously sourced and cruelty-free brand. Immerse yourself in their massage oil and pain cream, expertly infused with cannabis for potent, localized self-care benefits. Rest assured, these products deliver powerful relief without any psychoactive effects. From soothing aches and pains to alleviating muscle soreness, arthritis, sprains, strains, and inflammation, this pain cream ensures immediate comfort and rejuvenation.



Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience as your therapist employs heated Himalayan stones as an extension of their skilled hands. This soothing technique not only alleviates muscle tension and enhances joint flexibility but also promotes improved blood circulation and a gentle exfoliation of your skin. The heated Himalayan salt, renowned for emitting negative ions, not only enhances mental alertness but also provides a holsitic shield against airborne germs. Immerse yourself in deep relaxation, emerging with a profound sense of calm.

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